By Greg Willie

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Chemistry is the topic that is focused on all kinds of point which we will see or now not, tangible or intangible. In a manner this topic matters all people. The dictionary, which we're proposing, looks after this truth. This dictionary is formulated in any such manner that each type of reader, be a scholar, a instructor, a researcher or the other who's remotely focused on the topic will locate it worthy. The presentation of evidence is straightforward and non-technical.
Besides defining the phrases we now have additionally supplied pictorial presentation of ,many phrases, with a view to aid the reader to extract the crust of the definition. except that those pictures are one of those supplementary definitions for a selected time period. those are used as a device to reinforce the readers wisdom with a few additional info. the photographs additionally offer spatial distribution of a few compound, their crystal constitution, their orientations in third-dimensional house, and so on. This dictionary comprises greater than 2000 phrases. all of the definitions are good researched, uncomplicated and exhaustive. It presents all types of knowledge pertaining to chemistry, and rdated matters. All attainable details is integrated with utmost accuracy.
This dictionary has been built with good deal of attempt, with lot of labor in constructing the contents.
A reaction for this attempt is vastly expected. With this we are hoping readers will get pleasure from interpreting this dictionary
and came across it additional information than the other present ones.

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A device that uses a redox reaction to produce electricity, or a device that uses electricity to drive a redox reaction in the desired direction. II II electrolysis the process of driving a redox reaction in the reverse direction by passage of an electric current through the reaction mixture. ,... @' ~1) $ €t> ? 'OON ? ODE @ • electrochemistry study of chemical changes produced by electrical current and the production of electricity by chemical reactions. I I I • electrolytic cells electrochemical cells in which electrical energy causes nospontaneous redox reactions to occur.

A hydrogen atoms in gauche conformation repre- dichloromethane may be desents an energy minimum, but scribed as geminal, as may the is not the lowest possible en- , two chlorine atoms. A geminal ergy in the system. This may be or gem diol has two alcohol attributed to the anti con- groups attached in a 1,I-rela, tionship relative to each other. former. , • geochemistry • Geiger counter a gas filled tube which dis- geological chemistry.

Degenerate orbital. A set of orThe D and L assignments are i bitals are said to be degenerate related back to : if they all have the same energy. glyceraldehyde. It has been al- ~ This degeneracy can sometimes most universally replaced with i be "lifted" by external electric the unambiguous R/S system : or magnetic fields. devised by Cahn, Ingold and ~ _ density Prelog, although it is still often ~ (fi. ,d) Compare with specific encountered when dealing with i gravity . Mass of a substance carbohydrates and a-amino ac: per unit volume.

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