By Douglas Walton

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This paintings takes an analytical examine the philosophical inspiration of fallacy and offers an up to date critique of its usefulness for argumentation experiences.

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A fallacy doesn't have to be a deliberate error in a particular case, but it is a question of how the argumentation technique was used in that case. The new theory is not a psychologistic theory but a pragmatic theory. It is a rich explication of the concept of fallacy as a calculated tactic of deceptive attack or defense when two people reason together in contestive disputation. So conceived, a fallacy is not only a violation of a rule of a critical discussion but a distinctive kind of technique of argumentation that has been used to block the goals of a dialogue, while deceptively maintaining an air of plausibility, either by using a type of argumentation that could be correct in other cases or even by shifting to a different type of dialogue illicitly and covertly.

Only when so misused is such an argument correctly said to be fallacious. Part of the problem is a linguistic shift in the meaning of the term 'fallacy' itself. " But they are, in principle, as we have so often seen, reasonable arguments (that only go wrong in some cases). Does this mean a "fallacy" can sometimes be a perfectly reasonable argument? It should not. ' According to the new theory, a fallacy is (first and foremost) an argumentation scheme used wrongly. In the various chapters, we will see how the types of arguments corresponding to the traditional so-called fallacies have underlying argumentation schemes.

The ad Populum Fallacy 224 10. Toward a Theory of Fallacy 228 Chapter Eight: A Theory of Fallacy 232 1. What a Fallacy Is Not 233 2. Six Basic Characteristics of Fallacy 237 3. A Fallacy Is an Illusion or Deception 240 4. A Dilemma for Fallacy Theory 244 5. Sophistical Tactics 249 6. The New Definition of Fallacy 254 7. Properties of the New Concept of Fallacy 257 8. The Charge of Fallacy 262 9. The Balancing Aspect of Argumentation 266 10. The Dilemma for Fallacy Theory Revisited 269 Chapter Nine: Putting the Theory to Work 273 1.

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