By Elizabeth Young

ISBN-10: 0060507845

ISBN-13: 9780060507848

From the fire-hot writer of soliciting for difficulty comes a moment irresistibly humorous and romantic novel, within which we meet the delightfully depraved Harriet and John, who're matched as completely as scones and clotted cream -- if simply Harriet may enable herself indulge. as much as her eyeballs in her neighbors' dramas, Harriet gray has no time for her personal, not to mention getting entangled with John Mackenzie. And notwithstanding it has been a long time on the grounds that she's met probably the most lovely males London has to provide, it kind of feels John's entangled with another individual. Or is he? although they are saying all's reasonable in love, Harriet is not approximately to complicate her lifestyles -- or possibility her center. however the power John turns out to pop up all over she turns, and shortly she's agreeing to fulfill him for a cocktail to pay off a desire. in the end, what damage can pop out of 1 blameless little drink? possibly a couple of breathtaking kisses, a few suspiciously lingering embraces, and an excellent weak-kneed dizziness that almost all certainly isn't the flu. and that is prior to she reveals herself on their own with John at Christmas. .

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Rosie found her voice. " Me ? What about you? " Chapter One � » I don't quite know why I said "sins" back there. I never set out to pinch anyone's bloke, let alone Nina's. The day it all started, picking up a bloke was the last thing on my mind. Even I don't go out on the pull in manky old combats, a sweater that's seen better days, and hair sorely in need of Frizz-Ease. All I was thinking of, that drizzly afternoon, was calling it a day and finding a cab home. Since it was early December I was laden with what was supposed to be highly organized Christmas shopping.

While spooning coffee into the filter, I started telling her about my day, to perk her up. I left out anything to do with work, however, especially the bit about making a fat commission on an IT placement, as it would only make her feel more financially challenged than she already was. "I gave Rosie a call this morning and we met for a sandwich. I told her about Mr. " Sally's green eyes widened instantly. " "At least, I suppose it's him," I went on. " This had a more sophisticated ring than "the dog's bollocks"; we'd used it almost since we'd met, which was eight years ago now, on a bus from Malaga airport.

Since right after he dumped her. I mean, what's the use now? " Forget Gambiamaybe a cheapie to Ulan Bator? "It's costing a bomb, but she said she had to know," Rosie went on. " "They'll see him. Some furtive bloke in a grubby raincoat" "Oh, come on! He's a pro! Mega-zoom paparazzi lenses, you name it. " They most certainly would. "She's got a fair idea who it is, you know," she went on. "Some dopey blonde she sacked a few weeks backmind you, Nina'd call any blonde dopeyshe had to introduce them at some do and Dopey was eyeing him up even then.

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