By Jon Ewbank Manchip White

ISBN-10: 0585175179

ISBN-13: 9780585175171

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To drive through such landscapes, to walk or ride a horse through them, is a healing process. You regain contact with nature as we knew it before individuation sundered us and the divorce occurred. This is what it was like in the Garden of Eden, before we knew self-consciousness and ceased to exist in a simple harmony with our surroundings. To live in the West is to be given a glimpse of our aboriginal bliss. "0 how I long to travel back, and tread again that ancient track! . " We have been warned by twentieth century philosophers, particularly the Existentialists, not to indulge in the pathetic fallacy.

The Jacobinsor what an earlier generation called the Fanatiqueshave prevailed. They are not now to be deterred. Britain is a socialist, collectivist country, with the harassment, torpor, and inefficiency such a condition creates. I will only say that I found it painful to watch the spectacle of the Socialists rooting in the entrails of what, when I was young, was still, in spite of the First World War, a vigorous and independent country. I do not like the New Totalitarians, as a Swedish writer calls them, in a book about his own Social Democrats.

Most people hesitate, brace themselves, take a deep breath, then walk hesitantly to the edge. They grip the handrail hard. Below them stretches that Nothingness so dear to the Existentialists. Why do we feel an urge to throw ourselves into such cruel vacancies? The intensity and irrationality of our feelings frightens us.  (Bruce Cole Collection, Arizona State Museum) of those flying dreams that are so common in childhood. One is tempted to leap, if not to death, at least into that beckoning emptiness, to twist and dive and soar among the cliffs and crags.

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A World Elsewhere: Life in the American Southwest (Southwest Landmark, No 8) by Jon Ewbank Manchip White

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