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This can be my favourite booklet at the subject, and in case you are interpreting this you then may still most likely get it.
It's now not relatively as obtainable as Richard Dawkins' books, yet i locate this e-book to be extra a extra whole and compelling learn than TSG or TBW.

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Presumably the amount of DNA would always be regulated at some optimum value by selection. The DNA present in the body would very seldom be a significant mechanical or nutritional burden. If increasing DNA content would permit the carrying of more information and thereby allow greater precision or versatility of adaptation, I presume that such an increase would take place. Economy and efficiency are universal characteristics of biological mechanisms, and the DNA coding system should certainly not be an exception.

We ordinarily expect it to favor mechanisms leading to an increase in health and comfort and a decrease in danger to life and limb, but the theoretically important kind of fitness is that which promotes ultimate reproductive survival. Reproduction always requires some sacrifice of resources and some jeopardy of physiological well-being, and such sacrifices may be favorably selected, even though they may reduce fitness in the vernacular sense of the term. We ordinarily expect selection to produce only "favorable" characters, but here again there are exceptions.

This interpretation is supported by the apparent diversity of adult human mentality and by the close similarity of the sexes in intellectual endowment. A character selected for a specific adult-male function, such as the political leadership of a primitive society, would reach a high development in adult males only, and would be well standardized in this group. These arguments do not really support my interpretation very strongly, and if anyone has a better theory, I hope he will let it be known, because the problem is surely an important one.

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