By Vasile Cirtoaje

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95. ) A 100foot-long sidewalk is 5 feet wide. If 125 cubic feet of cement are evenly poured to form the sidewalk, find the thickness of the sidewalk. 96. 5 * 108 cubic feet of water. Find the average depth of the lake. r h Writing about Mathematics 97. Describe some basic sets of numbers that are used in mathematics. 93. ) The volume V of a cylindrical soda can is given by V = pr2h, where r is its radius and h is its height. 4 inches, find the volume of the can in cubic inches. (b) Could this can hold 12 fluid ounces?

2, -1, 0, 1, 2, . . 33 = 4 3 Irrational numbers Can be written as nonrepeating, nonterminating decimals; cannot be a rational number; if a square root of a positive integer is not an integer, it is an irrational number. 6 = , 1000, 215, - 25 3 Order of operations Using the following order of operations, first perform all calculations within parentheses, square roots, and absolute value bars and above and below fraction bars. Then perform any remaining calculations. 1. Evaluate all exponents.

Determine whether the triangle with vertices (-1, -1), (2, 3), ( -4, 3) is equilateral. 31. M. car A is traveling north at 50 miles per hour and is located 50 miles south of car B. Car B is traveling west at 20 miles per hour. 36. Real Numbers Between any two real numbers a and b there is always another real number. How could such a number be found? Exercises 37–46: Find the midpoint of the line segment connecting the points. 37. (1, 2), (5, - 3) 38. ( -6, 7), (9, -4) 39. ( - 30, 50), (50, -30) 40.

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