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Under this arrangement most o£ the blast furnaces were near the ore supplies of German-held Lorraine, and most of the coke works were near the coal supplies of the German Ruhr. This saved on transportation because in the production of pig iron three tons of Lorraine ore are required for every ton of coke. However, because iron ore is very heavy and coke is light and bulky, they built a few coke works in the Lorraine near the steel plants, and a few blast furnaces and steel works in the Ruhr near the coke plants.

But to return to Gerhardt Westrick: in April 1940, this fraternity brother had come to the United States ostensibly as a commercial counselor to the German Embassy, but actually on a direct assignment as personal representative of the Nazi Foreign Minister, von Ribbentrop. His mission was to attempt to convince American business leaders that they would gain by a Hitler victory, and to persuade them to help in keeping the United States out of the war. Dr. Westrick rented a house in Westchester County, New York, where his visitors included many nationally prominent executives of certain American oil and other industrial corporations.

Elliott was to turn up several years later as a representative of the United States on the international control authority for the German Ruhr; but at the time his was just one name among many. More important to us at the moment was the tie-in between Luxembourg and Germany. Despite appearances, Luxembourg, with its thirteenth-century stone parapets and parrot-cage sentry boxes, and its hero, Aloyse Meyer, could scarcely be dismissed as comicopera material. According to the cartel agreement, the chairmanship of the managing committee was supposed to rotate annually among the participating countries.

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