By Antero Alli, Robert Anton Wilson

ISBN-10: 1561840092

ISBN-13: 9781561840090

ISBN-10: 1935150952

ISBN-13: 9781935150954

Angel Tech is a consultant for the belief of the Multidimensional Self. the nice neurological scripts of the prior are synthesized and modernized for our day: Tarot, Cabala, Alchemy, the Hindu Chakra procedure and extra are all made obtainable and comprehensible.

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This has to do with knowing when something is a problem and when it doesn't have to be. Students love knowing How Things Work, so they can take things apart just to put them back together again. This is easy when we figure out how to be clear, precise and logical in the way we think about things. Angel Tech 19 There's a lot to learn in Third Grade but the most important is knowing that you are smart. Being smart means developing the skills to keep learning new ways to learn. Sometimes being smart makes us clever and even cunning, sneaky and shrewd.

Confusion is a conceptual survival signal. " An Ancient Confusionist Proverb The real reality is there, but everything you KNOW about "it" is in your mind and yours to do with as you like.. conceptualization is an art and you are the artist. Your ideas about anything constitute your "reality maps" or how you've defined and described it. These maps most likely include definitions from the local culture, mass media, schools, parents, friends and possibly, yourself. You learn to make your own maps when it's time to think for yourself.

If the party lasts long enough, who knows? Maybe distant Uncle Violence will show up with a grab-bag of games for the children to play with? THE MECHANICS OF SURVIVAL KARMA MECHANICS is a course of study best suited for self-realizing robots. The sooner we come to accept our mechanical, robotic self, the sooner we can find the "mold" and break free. By confessing our "conditioned" robothood, we begin self-realizing as robots, in order to evolve into the humanity we are in essence. This starts when our "true feelings" become more rewarding than our conditioned responses.

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Angel Tech: A Modern Shaman's Guide to Reality Selection by Antero Alli, Robert Anton Wilson

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